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Being brought up by the minions of Sauron; I now crave the company of elves
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21st-Aug-2006 11:17 pm - Do you want to read my journal?

-oO Welcome to the Binky Codices Oo-

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To read my journal you have to be on my friends list. If you want to read my entries then friend me. I will friend you back.

Please read the important stuff:

I will check your journal to see if you have any entries before friending back. I tend not to friend empty journals unless you leave a message below asking me to friend you. You must also be over 18 as this journal occasionally contains adult material.

If you ask to be friended then I expect to be friended back. I would also ask that you do not defriend me as soon as I friend you, it is impolite and I will do the same to you, because I will assume that we are not friends any more.
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